We are inviting all interested parties to apply for participation in the 7th artOmat fair which will take place at the Home of Croatian Fine Artists in Zagreb (Croatia), from 16th to 23rd December 2016.

ABOUT artOmat

From its beginnings, artOmat has been establishing its position as a unique platform affirming diverse artistic expressions through exhibition and sale (in the form of a fair), accompanied by a varied side program. During artOmat, the most recent artistic, designer, craft and manufacture products are presented in one place, thereby boosting their sustainability and promoting them as an alternative to the conventional market offer during the Advent season.

The artOmat fair program gathers creative professionals from different fields of visual and applied arts, design and manufacture, who create original and unique products in an inventive manner and through their own creative process.

The submitted applications are juried by experts to secure the diversity and quality of the exhibition and sale offer. The selection process of artOmat’s exhibiting authors is aimed at equal affirmation of the above mentioned artistic fields. Manufactured products should preferably correspond to global trends, such as: the do-it-yourself culture, ecological sustainability, inventive fusion of different creative fields and similar.

The goal of artOmat’s program of exhibition combined with sales is to present unconventional, unique and original works and products. As a unique platform, artOmat strives to bring together different creative professionals and the general public, while at the same time affirming the personal relationship between the author on one side and the audience on the other.


  • The contest is open to all interested visual and applied arts artists, designers, crafters, manufacturers, hobbyists and others, regardless of their professional status;
  • The applicants are individuals or legal entities from Croatia or abroad, who want to present their work and products and/or sell them in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Croatia;
  • A single application may include one or more people;
  • Advantage will be given to products of limited quantities and products reflecting the artOmat concept;
  • Works and products that haven’t been present to public are preferable;
  • Within the selection process, depending on the category, the jury of experts will consider the following: aesthetical and visual quality of works and products, the concept as presented in the application, the use of certain techniques, the level of production, visual communication and presentation, applicability, the price range of works and products, the inventiveness and rareness of works and products.


All works and products applied to the contest will be taken into consideration by a jury of experts. The names of jury members of the 7th artOmat will be revealed later on the official website and social network pages. Upon the end of the jurying process, all applying authors/exhibitors will be notified about the results via e-mail.


The exhibition and sales program of artOmat fair will take place in the circular space of Prsten and PM Galleries, at the Home of Croatian Fine Artists, Trg žrtava fašizma 16, Zagreb. GROUND PLAN

The authors/exhibitors will be provided an empty space (no furniture or exhibiting equipment) with access to electrical power. The exhibiting space will be decorated by authors/exhibitors themselves at the hours defined by the organizer. The authors/exhibitors will provide their own exhibiting equipment and assign a guard and/or a sales person. The ways and methods of operating will be conducted by the authors/exhibitors independently and in accordance with the legal requirements in force in the Republic of Croatia, which they are required to examine on their own. The exhibited works and products may be left behind in the exhibiting area outside the gallery working hours, as the area will be locked and under security protection. Free internet access (Wi-Fi) will not be provided, but the authors/exhibitors will be notified should these conditions change.

Authors/exhibitors may choose between two types of exhibiting areas:

  • MINI exhibiting area of 9 m2 surface with at least one wall, intended for shared use between one to three authors.

artOmat participation fee for mini exhibiting areas amounts 1000 HRK / 130 EUR (VAT included).

  • MAXI exhibiting area of 10 m2 surface with two walls or of 15 m2 surface with one wall (as assigned by the organizers), intended for shared use between one to five authors.

artOmat participation fee for maxi exhibiting areas amounts 1200 HRK / 160 EUR (VAT included).

If you are interested in taking part in the 7th artOmat – unconventional art fair, feel free to contact us at and we will get back to you with all the details!

PS – you can also POP UP for three days!


November 3rd, 2016 (00:00 CEST time)